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The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) is a trade association of Indian Information Technology (IT) and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. Established in 1988, NASSCOM is a non-profit organisation.
NASSCOM is a global trade body with over 1500 members, of which over 250 are companies from the US, UK, EU, Japan and China. NASSCOM's member companies are in the business of software development, software services, software products, IT-enabled/BPO services and e-commerce.

TIE: The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), was founded in 1992 in Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the Indus region. There are currently 11,000 members, including over 2,500 charter members in 60 chapters across 17 countries. TiE's mission is to foster entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education. Dedicated to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and giving back to the community, TiE's focus is on generating and nurturing our next generation of entrepreneurs.

PuneTech is a non-commercial forum intended to bring together in one place all information about interesting software technology in Pune – the companies, the tech user groups and organizations, the people, and the technologies, the news and the events. PuneTech has been running since March 2008, and in this short time it has been very successful in filling the information gap that existed in the tech ecosystem in Pune.

SMEJOINUP.com is a platform where an entrepreneur/Small Business can request for a service. The services that SME JOINUP hosts are Accounting , Payroll , HR,Technology,Legal,Funding etc with over 500 trusted and reliable companies providing these services. Considering how important it is to get the right vendor for your company,SMEJOINUP makes the search and transaction smooth and pain free.

Pune Open Coffee Club was started to encourage Startup Founders and those connected to Startups from Pune to organize real-world informal meet ups to share, network and grow. The Club has over 10,000 members including investors, lawyers, accountants and freelancers who work with startups. The Club members usually meet on the 1st Saturday of every month.

MCCIA has been playing a significant role in accelerating the industrial and economic development of Pune region for more than seven decades now. It is one of the most active chambers of Commerce in India and has been instrumental in promoting number of institutions in Pune. MCCIA has continuously driven to make Pune a global business destination and has been catalyst for economic development of the region.

India has many reasons to feel proud about the success of its Software Industry. During the post liberalization era, Govt. policies have acted as a catalyst and facilitated the growth of IT exports.
The software Industry has attained global recognition primarily because of the timing of the policies and simplistic procedures laid-down by the Govt. when they were needed. The Industry also has responded very well to the changes in the policy.
The right partnership between the Govt. & Industry has facilitated this success. Establishment of the Software Technology Park Scheme in 1991 has been a step in the right direction, at the right time.

Hinjawadi Industries Association (HIA) was laid out to provide a joint forum to all stakeholders based out of Hinjawadi and nearby places. The basic objective of the HIA is to have a structured growth of infrastructure, security and facilities for its member companies and their employees. HIA, along with addressing common concern of its stakeholders, also represents itself in other organizations and Government Agencies.

Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at IIM Ahmedabad is India's premier incubator and one of its most active seed investors. It accelerates companies by providing seed capital, mentorship, advisory services, and strategic connections through its network. To date we have investments in 85+ startups across India in specific sectors - Informtion & Communication Technology (ICT), Social Enterprises and Cleantech. For every rupee invested by us, our portfolio ventures have raised on an average Rs 12 from follow-on investors.

Established in 1968, incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) is a non-government, industry led and industry-managed organization, playing a proactive role in India's development process and serves as a much need link between the business communities of India and the United States of America. IACC is the only bilateral Chamber of commerce in India, which is committed to development of Indo-US business and trade relation.

The major objective of IACC is to promote Indo-American business, trade and economic relation. IACC promote bilateral trade, investment and technology transfer, facilitates business collaborations, joint ventures, marketing tie-ups and strategic alliances through a set of proactive business-oriented initiatives. In particular has established the following objective:
-     Facilitate exports of manufactured and agricultural products from India
-     Facilitate US-based SMEs to do business with India
-     Promote Environment-related trade between India and US
-     Facilitate collaboration between Hollywood & Bollywood
-     Facilitate US Investments in India's Real Estate sector
-     Facilitate outsourcing of services from US to India

SPIRT Foundation connects and guides software product entrepreneurs and catalyzes business growth. It's an enabler of a stronger ecosystem. We encourage buyers to improve performance by leveraging software products effectively. We advise policy makers on interventions that can set the industry on a higher growth trajectory. We are a not-for-profit industry think-tank founded by key participants and proponents of the Indian software product industry. For more details at

Startup Directory

Company Name Contact Person Website
Autodynamic Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Veg Wash+ natural cleanser for toxicants present on the surface of fruits and vegetables , JUST water isn't Enough ! www.autodynamics.co.in
Conexstra Technologies Pvt. Ltd. KEXPLORA is a cross-platform knowledge exploration platform, for content publishers. teachers, parents, students. www.conexstra.com
LetsPractice Simple way to assess your kid's grasp of topics as per school curriculum and download practice papers to perfect them. www.letspractice.in
ExtraaEdge ExtraaEdge helps educational institutes increase & manage their admissions by our patent pending cloud solution. www.theextraaedge.com
SlateOne Technologies Measure, Track and Develop employee skills. www.slateone.com
FlamencoTech Collect data from various physical sensors and show dashboards for building, hospitals, factories, data-centers rjayswal@gmail.com
Scandid Barcode based shopping comparison app, to lookup online prices, discounts etc for a product. www.scandid.in
TalentServ Consulting Private Limited Attendance work hours analytics and tracking www.talentserv.co.in
FreightBazaar.com India's leading online platform connects truck users with truck suppliers bringing greater efficiency and transparency www.saanvad.com
Revealing Hour Creations An open source, Arduino-compatible development platform for use as a beacon, microcontroller, and HID device www.revealinghour.in
Avantis Technologies AVACOM is a "Compliance Management Solution" for large and medium sized organizations www.avantis.co.in
TradeWellPlanned TradeWellPlanned helps you transform your IDEAS into ACTIONS! pankaj07.coep@gmail.com
Sellmouse Find potential customers for a company by analyzing it's facebook/twitter/instagram/pinterest social networks www.sellmouse.com
MindChipps Collaboration Platform for CA/CS/legal professionals & their SME clients-collaborate Effectively to grow your business www.mindchipps.com
The Zero Games Virtual billboard, in-game advertisement. Ads integrated seamlessly inside the game and game-objects www.thezerogames.com
Megavenues.coms Marketplace for Event Venues - Find the best places to Celebrate, Get Together or Conduct Business. www.megavenues.com
Ennovate scmplus1 helps organisations to sync the supply with the actual demand using cloud based software in SaaS. www.ennovateindia.com
Aarush Systems ERP for managing livestock (e.g. cows, goats) on a farm - including RFID, vaccinations, medications etc www.aarushsystems.com
AmberSoft Talent Acquisition Management and Information system and basic HR processes management software www.ambersoft.in
Swasti Agro Swasti develops vaccines for plants. Indian Pomegranate production and exports can improve by INR 10,000 and 2000 cr. abhay.shendye@gmail.com
The Coffee Table Websites! allow ur users to have face to face conversations with each other. Visit www.thecoffeetable.in for more www.thecoffeetable.in
XEON WASTE MANAGERS L.L.P Atate of the art, pre-fabricated, re-locatable, anaerobic digestion plant with a 0-discharge solution for organic waste www.xeonwm.com
Ellicium Solutions Velocity data-Analytics platform for streaming data. Human data-unstructured data analytics tool for banking industry www.ellicium.com
ProactEYE ProactEye offers Protection-as-a-Service (SaaS) over the cloud — a unique and refined cloud-based platform of fully man sbankewar@gmail.com
Navonmesh Technologies Track the evolution of your ideas! www.canvazify.com
NumaHub Checkout NumaHub.com, using deep learning they allow you to interact with your data using natural language and voice. www.constonline.com
AssessHub Online Skill Assessment Platform to evaluate experienced professionals for job skills www.assesshub.com
Terentia Consultants Pvt Ltd Website to automatically create a perfectly valid Will drafted by an expert lawyer at just the click of the mouse nerlekarsandip@gmail.com
Techvision Looking for end-to-end Accessibility solutions? Tweet the ONLY experts in Pune at @techvision_ss #A11y www.techvision.net.in
Ednexa Online academic guidance from experts at low cost. Online tests with analysis, live & recorded lectures, query solving www.ednexa.com
Ecozen Small, solar-powered cold-storage unit that individual farmers can use to store produce and sell at the right time. www.ecozensolutions.com
Walnut Walnut - Auto-magically track Banks, Cards, Bills and more. Save time and money. www.getwalnut.com
Fizzible Tech Our aim is to provide every resource like electronic components, technical guidance, customized modules at cheaper pric www.fizzible.com
HealthLeaf HealthLeaf, Take charge ... Track & Improve your Health www.healthleaf.in
Framebench Framebench is changing the way remote teams collaborate on files and documents www.framebench.com
Fennec Robotics We provide customize robots for automation solutions catering to various industries and domestic needs. We mainly work in Mobile robots - Automated Guided Vehicles(AGV) We focus in achieving expertise in: Mobile Robots (AGVs), Image processing, Intelligent Manipulators, Speech Processing. http://www.fennecfoxtech.com
Entrib Technologies Entrib Technologies is a disrupter in Mobile Workforce Productivity Solutions for Enterprises. With our cloud based offering (www.mob5apps.com), we provide a cost effective way for enterprises to increase productivity of their mobile workforce by quickly integrating with back end systems to provide end users with access to critical business related data securely and in real time. Solutions include mobile on the spot billing, delivery confirmation and feedback, procurement, site inspections, offered in a SaaS model. www.entrib.com
KnightX+ Knightx+ is a cyber intelligence platform that harnesses the power of cloud to do proactive monitoring, analysis and automated response of live cyber threats and opportunities. http://knightxplus.com/
Eava NEURAL SPACE Pvt. Ltd. A large number of talented students tend to lag behind due to their slow learning skills. But almost 150 such students in the age group 6 to 33 years are seeing brighter future for themselves with the help of a city-based company Neural Space. Neural Space™ is a company that is dedicated to helping the young and old, enhance their mental processing speed and capacity in order to achieve their full potential. Licensed by LearningRx, one of the forerunners in Child Enrichment programs in America, Neural Space's™ 'BrainRx' program is backed by the scientific research and proven results. www.neuralspace.org
Wifi-soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Wifi-soft is one of the leading Indian companies that provide software, hardware and management solutions to the Wi-Fi industry. Today, Wifi-soft manages over 2,000 medium to large Wi-Fi hotspots across the world including those in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, Mexico, India, South Africa, Turkey, Singapore, Vietnam and more. Wifi-soft has developed enterprise-class proprietary hardware called UniBox for managing all back-office activities of public Wi-Fi hotspots and hotzones. UniBox provides all-in-one solution which includes authentication, captive portal, reporting, bandwidth control, user management, billing, PMS integration and more. www.wifi-soft.com
Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd. Main focus of Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd. is on high-tech areas in hardware board design, embedded and mobile applications, and enterprise applications for solutions in wireless (WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth, RF), security (home, office and perimeter), logistics (vehicle, personal and asset tracking), remote monitoring (UPS, generators, batteries, telecom towers, industrial pumps and other heavy equipment), automatic meter reading (gas, water, and electricity) etc. Each of two founders of Maven Systems Pvt. Ltd. is veteran in hardware and software respectively with past experience of over 25 years of working on product development and project execution for clients in US, South America, China and India. Core founding team at Maven who head different divisions (hardware, BSP, web etc) has been working together for over 6 years. Specialties Automatic meter reading solutions, Construction / mining equipment monitoring solutions, Hardware design, Embedded, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, ZigBee, RF, Remote monitoring - BTS Shelters, UPS, Wind mills, DG sets, NFC, WiFi, Bluetooth http://www.mavensystems.com/
MangoSense MangoReader's mission is to bring the best learning experience to students, educators and book lovers around the world through innovative & leading edge products. www.mangoreader.com
Clairvoyant InfoVision Pvt. Ltd. Mission:To Define, Design and Deliver innovative Clairvoyant Solutions ahead of their time for customers. To optimize and transform client businesses by extending application life span by providing value added cutting edge services. Our Products: SMART – Secured & Mobile Automation Solution for Reliable KYC transaction is an ANDROID BASED MOBILE APPLICATION. Winner of NASSCOM Emerge AppFAME 2012. 5M Manager – An ERP product for a Manufacturing Industry. www.clairvoyantinfovision.com
Appacitive Software Appacitive makes it ridiculously easy for app developers to setup a server side backend for the apps. Using Appacitive, app developers can focus on build awesome apps, without getting bogged down with the hassles and cost of running and maintaining large server side infrastructure. Simply draw and publish your platform to the cloud with inbuilt support for data storage, push notifications, user management and much more. www.appacitive.com
Atharva Informatics Pvt Ltd Started in the year 2010, bizporto.com is a local B2B product search engine that organizes and provides precise and meaningful product and services information 'glocally'. It is the right place for a micro / small / medium businessman, trader, manufacturer or service provider looking for an online platform & communication tool that generates business leads for forward and backward integration from the specified geographic location to best meet their requirement. Essentially, it is a marketplace for buyers and sellers to connect with each other for a win-win association. The current focus of the company is micro / small / medium companies in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. The portal specializes in local searches. For example, if a buyer in Pune is searching for a machinery part, he is most likely to get suppliers from Pune. This makes bizporto.com the only business search engine that provides leads based on the geography. www.bizporto.com
splashgain Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd Splashgain's vision is to establish itself as the prominent leader in IT Products & product services in the education sector. It intends to build a virtual market place for all of its innovative information technology products with a focus on using latest technologies to bridge the digital divide and to bring in much needed reforms in the Indian education sector.Our Clients includes large group of institutes, Graduation institutes,Management schools, Professional Training Institutes along with schools. Our online admission platform ePravesh.com has won many awards including India's TOp Software Projects 2012, Hottest eCommerce Startup of the year 2011 etc. www.epravesh.com
SmartCloud Infotech We at SmartCloud Infotech (www.smartcloudinfotech.com ) are a group of Ex-Electronic Arts folk focused on developing apps and games for SmartPhones and tablets, using cloud technology, for the global market, primarily out of Pune, India. We provide outsourced development services to companies. We deliver good quality work, on time, at a reasonable price. We are 1 year old and employ 80+ people. We have proven experience in providing successful solutions for iOS, Android, HTML5, Windows Mobile, web technologies and RIM. http://www.smartcloudinfotech.com
Ignite Solutions India Pvt Ltd Ignite Solutions is changing the way people consume and interact with video. We develop technology platforms and services to make TVs and online video interactive by delivering synchronized content and rich apps to second-screen and primary viewing devices. SideKick, Ignite's flagship product, offers an inter-connected platform for cable & DTH operators, program networks,content producers, internet video publishers, and developers of interactive applications. SideKick makes it easier than ever to create rich apps to keep audiences hooked on second screens or smart TVs. For example, using SideKick, a TV producer can easily create quizzes for a game show that viewers can answer on their mobile devices while watching the show, or share additional content about a reality show (participants' bios, uncut footage, and so on). www.ignitesol.com


Who can apply for Pune connect Event?
Any startup from Pune or nearby regions can apply. We have a slight preference for product startups, technology startups (not necessarily just software), and startups that are looking for customers amongst Pune's Software Companies or Manufacturing sector - but none of these is a hard requirement. We love any interested Pune startup. If you're unsure of whether you're eligible, go ahead and apply, and the selection committee will figure it out.

How to apply?
The Entries for 2015 are closed .

What are fees for applying/showcase?
This event is completely free for startups that are selected in the startup show case. More established companies can get paid stall at very nominal rates.

What are benefits?
Benefits to selected startups includes:
• Exposure to Pune's top companies, potential customers and potential mentors
• Exposure to Venture Capitalists and Angel Investors who are being invited to the    event
• Press and media coverage before and after the event
• Entry for PuneConnect winners to National level events organized by NASSCOM

Who can attend PuneConnect?
Anyone who's interested in startups and the Pune startup ecosystem can attend this event.

I have already applied but I have not received any confirmation?
When you applied, you should have received an email with your username and temporary password. If you did receive this email, use this information to go to http://db.puneconnect.com - as soon as you log in, a status message will indicate that your application is complete. If yes, there is nothing else you need to do.

Can I pitch my idea, before forming company?
Yes, you can. But you need to have a working product demo ready.

I am college student can I apply for my Concept?
No. At this time, we are only accepting applications for ready/working demonstratable products, not concepts.

Puneconnect 2015

VC Roundtable

What is the VC Roundtable at the Pune Connect ?
The VC Roundtable at the Pune Connect is an opportunity for start-ups and small businesses to pitch to a panel of investors to raise Equity Funding . The investors comprise of Angel Investors and VCs investing in early stage companies . You would need to apply for the Roundtable and if you are shortlisted you will get a chance to pitch to the investor panel .

What is the format of the Roundtable ?
We will have a closed room separately booked for the Roundtable at the Pune Connect. All the investors would be seated in the room and you would get 5-7 minutes to pitch your venture to the investors. You would be given a one pager format to prepare your pitch which would carry all relevant information for the investors to understand your venture.

What happens post the Round-table ?
Any investor who shows interest in your venture will be asked to reach out directly to you in case they want to further proceed on the conversation.

Who is our contact point for the Round-table ?
SME JOINUP is organizing the VC Roundtable at the Pune Connect . You can contact them on request@smejoinup.com for any query.

Ispirt Session

Getting Traction for Product Startups #Pune #PuneConnect2015

November 28 @ 10:30 am - 4:00 pm

This PlaybookRT will focus on “Getting traction for Product Startups“. The PlaybookRT is facilitated by Rushabh Mehta(ERPNext) & Niraj Ranjan Rout(GrexIt/Hiver) and will be done at PuneConnect 2015

A Brief Overview

– Startup phases: All startups go through similar phases. A useful framework can be the chart that is put-up at Y-Combinator showing the different phases.
– Market segments: Product has to wait a long time before it goes from early adopters to mainstream users (Crossing the Chasm)

For More Details click here

Agenda 2015

  • – 09:00 am: - Registrations
  • – 09:30 am: - Welcome Note | Start-up Alley Opens
  • – 10:00 am: - Keynote by Amit Phadnis President, Engineering and India Site Leader, Cisco Systems
  • – 10:45 am: - Panel Discussion | iSPIRT PlaybookRT (Separate closed door session for registered product start-ups)
  • – 11:45 am: - Start-up Stall Visits | Networking
  • – 12:30 pm – 1:30pm : - Lunch Break
  • – 02:00 pm: - Fireside Chat | VC Round Table Open (Separate closed door session for shortlisted start-ups)
  • – 02:45 pm: - Startup Shootout
  • – 03:45 pm: - Awards
  • – 04.30 pm: - Show ends


Puneconnect 2014
Puneconnect 2014

40 startups were selected to demo at PuneConnect 2014. 4 of them were selected to pitch their product on stage to a panel of judges. These startups have been declared as the winners:


EcoZen Solutions 2014 Winner :
Ecozen Solutions is an energy-foucssed company that provides renewable energy based products. It was started in Sep '09 with a motive to create awareness against poor energy management practices, to drive sustainability in the burgeoning Indian market, and elevate the Indian industry to the standards and expectations of a developed nation in the new era.

Other Winners:

Scandid : Best UI award :
Scandid is a mobile shopping companion app which provides omni channel shopping experience across mobile apps and desktop. Scandid is India's only barcode based shopping comparison app where users can scan barcode of any product or search and lookup online prices and local promotions on that product. Scandid helps users to find the right product for their needs, its local & online prices, coupons, customer reviews, and specifications.

Green Raddiwala : Finalist :
PASPAG WASTE MANAGEMENT started its operation with the very innovative idea about the recyclable waste collection and disposal process and operation. Company achieved very great success in the very short period of 9 months. Paspag waste management is the only company which adopted effective operation model to collect recyclable waste from residential customers by providing doorstep service while paying with the same market rate and 100% transparency.

Framebench : Finalist :
Framebench allows teams to annotate and collaborate on visual content so they can exchange feedback easily and get to approvals faster, Companies use it to collaborate on everything from print material to UI wireframes to marketing collateral.
News coverage 2014

PuneConnect 2014 has gotten great coverage in various newspapers. Here are some of them:

Snapshot 2014
Speakers 2014
PuneConnect Winner 2014
EcoZen Scandid Framebench Paspag Green Raddiwala
Puneconnect 2013
Puneconnect 2013

27 startups were selected to demo at PuneConnect 2013. 5 of them were selected to pitch their product on stage to a panel of judges. These startups have been declared as the winners:

Overall Winner:Instaclique from Nirmantra Technologies: social shopping – get opinions of your friends when you're shopping in a online or offline. For an innovative product with great market potential, and a very well articulated vision. Special Award from the Judges: LooRewards from Samagra: slum dwellers get discount coupons from local stores for using toilets and other sustainable behavior. For a product that judges would really like to see succeed. Audience Choice Award: SaveTime: find the right doctor for you, based on crowd-sourced recommendations (including those of your friends). For the company that got most votes from the audience.

Runners Up:
- CopyNotify! from CygNET Solutions. Data theft protection for SMEs.
- CacheAdvance from Cachebox. SSD based caching for your storage to improve response times.
- DustMotes from ANTFarm Robotics. Home automation using hardware sensors and mobile phones/tablets.
News coverage 2013

Posted on December 4, 2013
PuneConnect 2013 has gotten great coverage in various newspapers. Here are some of them:


Indian IT startups have a huge opportunity to help manufacturing community.


Techie puts country before self – quits US job to help sanitation. Back from US, Techie comes up with one-stop-shop for short-time housing.
Snapshot 2013
Speakers 2013

Puneconnect 2012

Puneconnect 2012

Puneconnect 2012
Out of 51 submissions, 21 companies were chosen (Fennec Robotics Entrib Technologies KnightX+ Wifi Soft Maven AMR Mango Reader Clairvoyant Appacitive SmartCloud Infotech IgniteSol Programmr Cogniyug, ProIntegra, Prejas, Catalog2Go, Client Compass, Mind20 Apps, SalesConnect, SmartOrder, HealthStylus, and Drona Communications). The following "winners" were declared at PuneConnect 2012.

Best of Show Winners:
IgniteSol (overall winner of PuneConnect 2012)
Mango Reader

Audience Choice Awards
Mango Reader
Smart Order
The Best UX Design Award (given by Clarice Technologies) was awarded to Appacitive. In addition, Clarice Technologies picked two promising startups: Mango Reader, IgniteSol for UI/UX mentoring for an year.
Snapshot 2012

Puneconnect 2011

Puneconnect 2011 winner
"Sapience raises Rs. 45 crore Series B led by Orios Venture Partners"

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