Past Events

Pune Connect 2018
Speakers Pari Natarajan | Vaibhav Tewari | Team Giripremi | Dr. Hanumantha Rao Susarla | Mrutyunjay Singh | Dr. Premnath Venugopal | Patanjali Somayaji | Vaibhav Domkundwar | Rohit Srivastwa | Milind Barve | Dr. Satish Patil | Ramesh Padmanabhan | Dr.Anita Patankar | Samir Patil | Dr. Pandurang Kamat | Bharani Subramanium | Seema Gopal | Mangesh Kirtane | Dr. Kiran Bala | Anil Ghegade | Dr.Neeraj Gupta | Dr. Bhalchandra Puranik | Nitin Gupta | Akshay Mehrotra | Madhukar Bhatia
28 startups were selected to demo at Pune Connect 2018. 5 of them were selected to pitch their product on stage to a panel of judges. These startups have been declared as the winners:
  • Pune Connect 2018 Winner : Haqdarshak Empowerment Solutions Private Ltd
  • Haqdarshak is a tech platform that connects citizens with their eligible welfare schemes.Which is empowering citizens, both in rural and urban areas, to access what is rightfully theirs. Because, Every Citizen Matters.
  • 1st Runner up : NlpBots : NlpBots uses Natural Language Processing technology to provide customers with chatbots to automate enterprise processes. Used for several live implementations across domains like Customer assist, HR assist, Marketing insights and Hiring assist
  • 1st Runner up : ShunyaOS : ShunyaOS provides ab Operating System for IoT with integrated AI which works on all Arm based Micrprocessors designed for IoT solutions
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    Pune Connect 2016
    Speakers P.P.Choudhary | Dr.Omkar rai | Dr.Gopichand Katragadda | Kuntal Shah | Gaurav Mehra | Ajit Patil | Shridhar Shukla |Shachin Bhardwaj | Monish Darda
    40 startups were selected to demo at Pune Connect 2016. 5 of them were selected to pitch their product on stage to a panel of judges. These startups have been declared as the winners:
  • Pune Connect 2016 Winner :
  • A lifestyle product and not just a NBFC that disburses loans. Being broke at the end of the month is a common problem, and plans to help provide a small bridge loan to tide over that short difficult period till your salary reaches your account.
  • 1st Runner up : TwigMe : With the TwigMe platform, businesses of all types can readily build up a mobile enagagement solution for their customers, staff and partners, allowing them to offer the relevant information and interactivity to the right people at the right place and time. With no upfront cost and a pay-as-you-go model, TwigMe lowers the bar for driving mobile transformation across a range of businesses.
  • 2nd Runner up : Accops: Accops HyWorks is a solution suite comprising of software and hardware to create, manage and deliver hosted applications & virtual desktop from datacenter. HyWorks provides core services to create and manage host application environment, virtual desktop, provisioning services for virtual desktop, connection brokering, authentication and authorization and auditing services.
  • Promising Startup Award : Clodura: Sales team often underachieve their targets due to cumbersome and long sales cycle process. Right from identifying prospective customers, connecting with them, studying the opportunities and providing solutions is a daunting task. Clodura is your personal sales assistant. It helps you understand your prospect in detail by analyzing them with its intelligent algorithm on various data points, in real time. This leads to higher achievements of your sales targets,save time and increase closures.
  • Popular Choice Award : Eaddict: Convert any bicycle into a pedal assist electric bicycle by replacing the front wheel with a motorized wheel powered by Lithium ion battery. Rear wheel is driven by the rider and the front wheel is driven by the motor in proportion to the pedaling efforts / cadence. This provides better traction similar to all-wheel-drive vehicles.
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    Pune Connect 2015
    Speakers Amit Phadnis | Anup Sable | Abhay Ghaisas | Maneesh Bhandari | Akash Sureka | Pradeep Dharne | S. Ramprasad | Ashutosh Parasnis
    68 startups were selected to demo at Pune Connect 2015. 5 of them were selected to pitch their product on stage to a panel of judges. These startups have been declared as the winners:
  • Pune Connect 2015 Winner : NavStik Labs
  • NavStik is one of the very few high-tech startups in the world, working on building next-generation platforms for commercial drone applications. In 2015, 3 million commercial drones worth $1.5 bn will be sold. That represents a growth rate of 300% over previous year. NavStik is working on building platforms/standards for this fast growing industry. Founded by alumni from IIT Bombay and University of Maryland, NavStik is now powered by a strong, talented and passionate team with background from IITs, NITs, University of Edinburgh and Texas Tech. NavStik products have been used by 40+ customers in 10+ countries. NavStik was the winner of Startup Showcase at TiECON Pune 2015, and has been featured in Economic Times, NDTV Gadgets, TOI, Indian Express, Mint, etc.
  • CarOk :CAROK is a Pune based startup with a mission to bring trust, transparency and efficiency to the unorganised automotive care sector.
  • Startawiz:Stratawiz is a design and technology driven product company. We strive to use our creativity and technical prowess to build innovative enterprise mobile products to make marketing more effective and sales more productive.
  • Arcyus:Arcyus is a, primarily, research-oriented company committed to harnessing the power of bleeding-edge deep learning techniques to develop meaningful applications, both for the benefit of the common user and for augmenting enterprise services.
  • RoboEasy:RoboEasy aims to build a strong platform introducing EduTech. Combining practicality with education, RoboEasy help students in developing logical thinking, enhancing decision making, connecting with practical life and much more.
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    SEAP Pune Connect 2014
    Speakers Dr.Omkar Rai | Nandakumar Kulkarni | Sharad Sharma | K. Vishwanathan | Ankur Agarwal | Suhas Kelkar | Mukul Kumar
    40 startups were selected to demo at Pune Connect 2014. 4 of them were selected to pitch their product on stage to a panel of judges. These startups have been declared as the winners: Winners:
  • EcoZen Solutions 2014 Winner :
  • Ecozen Solutions is an energy-foucssed company that provides renewable energy based products. It was started in Sep '09 with a motive to create awareness against poor energy management practices, to drive sustainability in the burgeoning Indian market, and elevate the Indian industry to the standards and expectations of a developed nation in the new era.
  • Other Winners:
  • Scandid : Best UI award :
  • Scandid is a mobile shopping companion app which provides omni channel shopping experience across mobile apps and desktop. Scandid is India's only barcode based shopping comparison app where users can scan barcode of any product or search and lookup online prices and local promotions on that product. Scandid helps users to find the right product for their needs, its local & online prices, coupons, customer reviews, and specifications.
  • Green Raddiwala : Finalist :
  • PASPAG WASTE MANAGEMENT started its operation with the very innovative idea about the recyclable waste collection and disposal process and operation. Company achieved very great success in the very short period of 9 months. Paspag waste management is the only company which adopted effective operation model to collect recyclable waste from residential customers by providing doorstep service while paying with the same market rate and 100% transparency.
  • Framebench : Finalist :
  • Framebench allows teams to annotate and collaborate on visual content so they can exchange feedback easily and get to approvals faster, Companies use it to collaborate on everything from print material to UI wireframes to marketing collateral.
    SEAP Pune Connect 2013
    27 startups were selected to demo at Pune Connect 2013. 5 of them were selected to pitch their product on stage to a panel of judges. These startups have been declared as the winners:
  • Overall Winner:Instaclique from Nirmantra Technologies: social shopping – get opinions of your friends when you're shopping in a online or offline. For an innovative product with great market potential, and a very well articulated vision.
  • Special Award from the Judges: LooRewards from Samagra: slum dwellers get discount coupons from local stores for using toilets and other sustainable behavior. For a product that judges would really like to see succeed.
  • Audience Choice Award: SaveTime: find the right doctor for you, based on crowd-sourced recommendations (including those of your friends). For the company that got most votes from the audience.
  • Runners Up:
  • CopyNotify! from CygNET Solutions. Data theft protection for SMEs.
  • CacheAdvance from Cachebox. SSD based caching for your storage to improve response times.
  • DustMotes from ANTFarm Robotics. Home automation using hardware sensors and mobile phones/tablets.
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    Pune Connect 2012
    Out of 51 submissions, 21 companies were chosen (Fennec Robotics Entrib Technologies KnightX+ Wifi Soft Maven AMR Mango Reader Clairvoyant Appacitive SmartCloud Infotech IgniteSol Programmr Cogniyug, ProIntegra, Prejas, Catalog2Go, Client Compass, Mind20 Apps, SalesConnect, SmartOrder, HealthStylus, and Drona Communications). The following "winners" were declared at Pune Connect 2012.
    Best of Show Winners:
  • IgniteSol (overall winner of Pune Connect 2012)
  • Mango Reader
  • KnightX+
  • Programmr
  • Audience Choice Awards
  • Mango Reader
  • Smart Order
  • IgniteSol
  • The Best UX Design Award (given by Clarice Technologies) was awarded to Appacitive. In addition, Clarice Technologies picked two promising startups: Mango Reader, IgniteSol for UI/UX mentoring for an year.
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