SEAP Corporate Awards

About Awards
Corporate awards will be introduced by SEAP during the PuneConnect 2019 The awards will be given to companies based in Pune that are doing impactful work in various award categories There will be 4 categories for the awards
  • Best innovation / intrapreneurship program
  • Best technology research program 
  • Best industry academia connect programme
  • Best diversity & inclusivity strategy 
  • Best innovation / intrapreneurship program
    This will be awarded to an organization that has built an impactful internal innovation programme that is shaping up the technology strategy for the organization. Recognizing an employer who promotes innovation culture and supports growth through intrapreneurship programme within the organization. Our jury will be looking for,
  • Uniqueness in the innovation strategy that promotes innovation as a culture within the organization
  • The commercial potential of the programme and potential impact to drive profitability and bring commercial value
  • Impact on ease of use or how it can contribute to ease of life at workplace. Did your innovation significant change the way your workplace is shaping up.
  • Sustainability of the programme over a longer period. Is it strategically supported / aligned with business goals and how the organization is keeping it sustainable with growing impact.
  • Best technology research programme
    This will be awarded to technology R&D programs where Pune based organizations have made significant contributions. This may apply especially for technology / product companies who are pushing the boundaries of technology through research. Our jury will be looking for,
  • The impact of the technology & research efforts on the industry
  • The contribution of Pune based workforce on the overall research domain
  • Patents / IP filed (or pending) by employees from Pune
  • The commercial / social impact potential of the research and impact on industry
  • Best industry academia connect programme
    This will be awarded to an organization that has built a significant impact on academia by building a nurture programme that promotes employability within students, helps in academic research and collaborates with academia for research, project work etc. Our jury will be looking for,
  • Impact of the programme on upgrading the employability within academic students and make them industry ready
  • Impact on shaping up the future of academia through joint curriculum development and running the programme
  • Impact on shaping up the future of academia through collaboration, joint research, student coaching & mentorship
  • Impact through student internship programs
  • Best diversity & inclusion strategy
    This will be awarded to an organization that are dedicated to creating a diverse, inclusive and tolerant workplace. Recognizing an employer whose culture promotes trust, collaboration, fairness and growth through a D&I environment. Our jury of judges are looking for:
  • A clear narrative that demonstrates why the D&I strategy was implemented
  • How is it different and innovative, and how it is aligned with the wider business strategy
  • Evidence of how D&I is integrated into the recruitment, talent and engagement strategy
  • The strategy’s implementation, communication and success. You may use metrics, employee/customer feedback and case studies
  • Evidence of the D&I strategy’s benefits on employees and the workplace
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