Past PuneConnects

PuneConnect started in 2011 and is held in late October/early November every year. In 2011 we showcased 12 startups, and had attendance of about 250. In 2012, we showcased 21 startups, and had to close delegate registrations at 600 because of space limitations. In 2013, we showcased 27 startups, out of 104 applications, and had to close registrations at 1055 due to space limitations.

PuneConnect 2013

27 startups were selected to demo at PuneConnect 2013. 5 of them were selected to pitch their product on stage to a panel of judges. These startups have been declared as the winners:

  • Overall Winner: Instaclique from Nirmantra Technologies: social shopping – get opinions of your friends when you’re shopping in a online or offline. For an innovative product with great market potential, and a very well articulated vision.
  • Special Award from the Judges: LooRewards from Samagra: slum dwellers get discount coupons from local stores for using toilets and other sustainable behavior. For a product that judges would really like to see succeed.
  • Audience Choice Award: SaveTime: find the right doctor for you, based on crowd-sourced recommendations (including those of your friends). For the company that got most votes from the audience.

Runners Up:
CopyNotify! from CygNET Solutions. Data theft protection for SMEs.
CacheAdvance from Cachebox. SSD based caching for your storage to improve response times.
DustMotes from ANTFarm Robotics. Home automation using hardware sensors and mobile phones/tablets.

Selected Media mentions for PuneConnect 2013

PuneConnect 2012

Out of 51 submissions, 21 companies were chosen (Fennec Robotics Entrib Technologies KnightX+ Wifi Soft Maven AMR Mango Reader Clairvoyant Appacitive SmartCloud Infotech IgniteSol Programmr Cogniyug, ProIntegra, Prejas, Catalog2Go, Client Compass, Mind20 Apps, SalesConnect, SmartOrder, HealthStylus, and Drona Communications).

The following “winners” were declared at PuneConnect 2012.

Best of Show Winners:

  1. IgniteSol (overall winner of PuneConnect 2012)
  2. Mango Reader
  3. KnightX+
  4. Programmr

Audience Choice Awards

  1. Mango Reader
  2. Smart Order
  3. IgniteSol

The Best UX Design Award (given by Clarice Technologies) was awarded to Appacitive. In addition, Clarice Technologies picked two promising startups: Mango Reader, IgniteSol for UI/UX mentoring for an year.

PuneConnect 2011

PuneConnect 2011, held on 5th November, was the event where Pune’s
top tech communities (SEAP and PuneTech) and startup communities (POCC and TiEPune) came together to organize an event to let Pune’s startups mix with Pune’s established companies.

PuneConnect Demo Hall Photo

Demo Hall at PuneConnect was overflowing with the who’s who of Pune’s IT and Startup community

12 Pune technology startups were chosen from about 30 applicants to showcase their products at PuneConnect 2011. The 12 companies selected were: AdMogul, ApplyEzee, BizPorto, CoTrakr, Deja VU 3D, DroidCloud, InnovizeTech, IntouchId, kPoint, ReliScore, Vaultize, and World Without Me.

Short write-ups of the 12 companies can be found here.

All 12 companies got to demo their product to the who’s who of Pune. Senior members of SEAP, and Charter members of TiE Pune were asked to vote for their favorite demos and the top 4 companies get a chance to present at the bitter “Advantage Pune” conference being organized by Zinnov in Pune, in December 2011. Separately, 4 companies were selected to be part of the “Staring Up” show on ETNow, and their pitches were recorded to be televised nationally on ETNow on 15th November.

Companies selected for Advantage Pune

These 4 companies won the top votes from Senior Members of SEAP and Charter Members of TiE Pune, and hence get a chance to get exposure at the national level at the Advantage Pune conference in December where lots of India’s larger IT companies will be present. The winners are:

  1. kPoint
  2. Vaultize
  3. InnovizeTech
  4. DroidCloud

Companies selected for Starting Up show on ETNow

These 4 companies were selected by the selection panel consisting of Gaurav Mehra, Suhas Kelkar, Moti Thadani of SEAP in consultation with Sudhir Syal of ETNow, and they got to pitch their startup to a panel consisting of Nickhil Jakatdar, Gaurag Mehra, and Suhas Kelkar on a program recorded by ETNow to be televised nationally later.

The winners were:

  1. InnovizeTech
  2. ReliScore
  3. DroidCloud
  4. AdMogul

As a result of this show, DroidCloud (now known as AppSurfer) got selected to participate in the final round of ETNow’s SuperAngels’ show where they got a chance to pitch to angel investors for funding. AppSurfer went on to win at SuperAngels, securing Rs. 1 crore of funding.

Other Media Coverage

The event was very well covered by local and national media. The Financial Express, the Financial Chronical, Business Standard, and the top Marathi newspapers Sakal and Maharashtra Times all carried detailed articles about PuneConnect. Three of the articles mentioned all 12 companies, and one of the articles mentioned ReliScore and InnovizeTech.

Pune Mirror had a half page article on World Without Me as a direct result of being featured in PuneConnect 2011.

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  1. sir, i am a student persuing 2nd year mba from pune university. I have won almost 70 bplan events all across india. Giving new ideas is an obsession for me.i actually came about a new kind of service which does not exist in present world. its the current need of the hour and has a huge market. Am i allowed to participate ? how do i contact?

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